60ml Plastic Ozone Syringe – Sterile


Our 60ml plastic syringes are easy to use with ozone and are more ozone-compatible than other plastic syringes.
The new sterile 60ml ozone-compatible syringe comes with a custom made silicone plunger. When standard plastic syringes with rubber plungers are reused multiple times, the rubber plunger will expand, which creates more rubbing and friction on the sidewall, as well as strong odors. Since the plunger in the 60ml syringe is made from silicone, it won’t wear down as quickly as rubber does when in contact with ozone. Bulk discounts are available.


  • 60ml capacity
  • Graduated markings every 2ml
  • A-rated for ozone compatibility
  • No lubrication needed
  • Standardized Luer lock connection
  • Sterile packaging

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